Statewide and Federal Candidates

We want to win BIG and win BLUE up and down the ballot. These candidates have been ENDORSED by INDIVISIBLE GROUPS across Oregon and across the nation. 

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Jeff Merkley

Shemia Fagan

Tobias Reed

Ellen Rosenblum

Alex Spenser


President and Vice President

Empathy, experience, intelligence, and decency. We can build an America that works for all!

Donald Trump & Mike Pence (R)

Grift, hypocrisy, cruelty, and bigotry. Need we say more?


US Senate

He exposed the evil of kids in cages and constantly pushes back against Trump's cruel, unjust policies.

Jo Rae Perkins (R)

She legit believes in Qanon conspiracy theories. She's in the cult.


Secretary of State

She's not Jamie, but she has a compelling personal story of growing up in poverty. Definitely gives a shit about equity.

Kim Thatcher (R)

Do you want a Republican in charge of ten-year redistricting? We don't!



It's a not a sexy job, but Tobias really works for Oregonians. We love his focus on policies that help regular folks build financial security.

Jeff Gudman (R)

His platform seems to consist of complaining that Tobias Read works well with Governor Brown. That's a nonstarter for us.


Attorney General

AGs like Ellen have been on the frontlines pushing back against Trump's agenda. Ellen doesn't throw regular people under the bus.

Michael Cross (R)

He's a condescending, disrespectful gadfly who is pinning his hopes on stirring up hatred for Governor Brown.


US Congressional District 2

She really listens and focuses on the issues that affect rural Oregon: water, broadband, public lands.

Cliff Bentz (R)

Another Greg Walden. Gag.