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Who is Representative Cliff Bentz?

Bentz proudly voted against:

  • H. Res. 24 - The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

  • H.R. 1 - The For The People Act - This bill would expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, limit partisan gerrymandering, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders.

  • H.R. 1319 - The American Rescue Plan Act - This bill created a stimulus package, designed to speed up the United States' recovery from the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoingrecession.

  • H.R. 5 - The Equality Act - This bill would expand federal civil rights laws to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, jury service, and federally funded programs, such as those for health and education, as well as public places and spaces.

  • H.R. 6 - The American Dream and Promise Act - This bill would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrant youth, known as “Dreamers,” as well as individuals with Temporary Protected Status.

  • H.J. Res. 17 - The Equal Rights Amendment Deadline Extension - This joint resolution eliminates the deadline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, which prohibits discrimination based on sex.

  • H.R. 8 - The Bipartisan Background Checks Act and H.R. 1446 - The Enhanced Background Checks Act - These bills would strengthens background check procedures done before a federal firearms licensee may transfer a firearm to a person who does not have a federal firearms license and close the Charleston loophole.

  • H.R. 447 - The National Apprenticeship Act - This bill would invest more than $3.5 billion over the next five years to create nearly 1 million new apprenticeship opportunities.

  • H.R. 803 - The Protecting America's Wilderness and Public Lands Act - This bipartisan package builds upon legislation previously passed by Congress and would protect landscapes in several western states, including watershed and salmon protection here in our corner of Oregon.

  • H.R. 842 - The Protecting the Right to Organize Act - This bill would restore workers’ ability to organize with their co-workers and negotiate for better pay, benefits, and fairness on the job.

  • H.R. 1280 - The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act - This bill aims to combat police misconduct, excessive force, and racial bias in policing.

Bentz voted for:

  • H.R. 1603 - The Farm Workforce Modernization Act - Bentz was one of just a few Republicans to support this bill. It reforms the process by which temporary foreign workers migrate to the U.S. to work in agriculture.

Keep this scorecard handy when you’re making your calls in the next few weeks. You need to tell him if he is representing YOU in Congress.

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