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Time to VOTE!

The day we've been awaiting for four years is HERE!  We get to VOTE! Vote early! Not only does it stop all the political mailers and calls, but you will have time to check that your ballot has been received and counted!

One of the most important things you can do is announce who you are voting for and why!

Sometimes, folks need a little advice when it comes to voting.  If they don't hear from trusted sources such as yourself, they will just skip voting in races where they aren't familiar with the candidate or issue, which will be detrimental for our local elections.  Please reach out to your friends and family NOW and make sure they vote the

entire ballot! Here are the candidates and issues we at Indivisible Bend are supporting. Links will take you to more detailed information about each. You can also read more on our website page called Election 2020.

Senate District 28 - Hugh Palcic Senate District 30 - Carina Miller

Deschutes County Sheriff - Scott Schaier YES on Bend Transportation Bond YES on Bend Library Bond

YES on Ballot Measure 107 YES on Ballot Measure 108 YES on Ballot Measure 109 YES on Ballot Measure 110


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