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Eileen Kiely for State Senate District 27

Candidate: Eileen Kiely

Office: State Senate District 27

Opponent: Tim Knopp (R)

Key endorsements:

  • Indivisible Bend

  • Deschutes Democrats

  • The Vocal Seniority

  • Oregon Education Association

  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters

  • Oregon League of Conservation Voters

  • Emily’s List

  • OFNHP AFT Local 5017

  • Oregon AFSCME Council 75

  • Basic Rights Oregon

  • Moms Demand Action

  • SEIU


  • Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon

  • Jamie McLeod-Skinner

  • Central Oregon Progressive Veterans


Q & A with Indivisible Bend


If you align with a particular political party, or abstain from choosing a political party, why do you make that choice?

I’m a Democrat and I’m proud to be a Democrat, standing for expanding health care to more people, investing in our future through education and affordable college, supporting good-paying jobs, and policies that support working families like paid leave and affordable child care.  

If elected to represent Central Oregon, what are your top three priorities?

Strengthening our economy for working people, protecting education funding, lowering health care costs and expanding access to care. 

How can government affect equitable outcomes for marginalized communities? You can choose a particular issue like hiring practices, or legislation, or policy changes, etc.

Hiring practices, legislation, and policy changes are all needed to address the marginalization that has been built into all of our systems. Government employers can lead by making sure the people who provide the services reflect our communities, through equitable hiring practices, and accountability. A diverse government will shape legislation that better addresses the inequities in our system that have led to discrimination in housing, small business and economic development, education, and much more.

Hindsight is 20/20, what’s important is that we learn from our experiences. What lessons have you learned from the government’s COVID-19 response? 

I’ve seen the importance of collaboration between local, city, and state government. As we’re watching our region grapple with returning to school, and as we watch our small businesses struggle through this crisis it’s clear that in this moment, we need a unified voice and we need to work together to provide stability in the midst of the uncertainty. In hindsight, greater collaboration and communication earlier would improve response. Ensuring our systems are functioning is critical too, as far too many people are still waiting for unemployment support. Policies and procedures are crucial right now as peoples’ livelihoods depend on it.

What do you think should be done in response to the recent event with ICE and Customs & Border Patrol creating terror amongst our immigrant community? 

ICE must be held accountable for parachuting into our community and causing chaos, and arresting people without a clear and transparent explanation. Their actions put everyone at risk. ICE must respect our rights as a sanctuary state.

As of today, which individuals or groups are your three biggest donors?

Diane Wagner

Women's Investment Network PAC

Citizen Action for Political Education

What brought you to Central Oregon? What do you like best about this place we call home? 

Work brought me to Oregon and I settled and built my life in Central Oregon because of the way of life we all enjoy so much here. As a mountaineer, I love spending time outdoors and I’m deeply committed to preserving our natural resources and fighting to ensure that residents like me can continue to live and thrive right here.

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