General Election - 8 November 2022


Bureau of Labor and Industries

Deschutes County Commission Position 1
Deschutes County Commission Position 3

Bend City Council

Redmond City Council

Sisters City Council

Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)

House District 53

House District 54

House District 55

US Congressional District 5

US Congressional District 2

US Senate


Measure 9-148: Make Deschutes County Commissioner seats non-partisan.

Measure 9-152: Ban on Psilocybin in the Unincorporated County

Measure 9-155 Bend-La Pine School District Bonds

Measures 9-150 & 9-151: Redmond Area Park & Rec Bond Issue & Five Year Operating Levy 

Measures 9-153 and 9-154
State Measures 111, 112, 113 & 114


Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)

The Bureau of Labor and Industries protects employment rights, advances employment opportunities, and protects access to housing and public accommodations free from discrimination for all Oregonians.

Civil rights attorney and small businesses owner endorsed by the AFL-CIO, PCUN, Planned Parenthood, Jeff Merkeley, Representative Peter DeFazio, and former Governor Barbara Roberts among other progressive leaders.

Christina will advocate for workers.

Cheri Helt

Cheri Helt - Republican biz owner here in CO, ran Q-Anon inspired ads against Jason Kropf - blech


Deschutes County Commission Position #1

Oliver Tatom (D)

Oliver Tatom is a registered nurse and licensed paramedic running to bring his experience as a healthcare leader to the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners.

Click here to learn more about Oliver.

Tony DeBone (Republican Incumbent) 

Republican who has been in this seat forever. If you aren't happy with where we are as a county, then why would you choose Tony again?


Deschutes County Commission Position #3

Morgan Schmidt (D)

Morgan has spent the last fifteen years in public service: reaching out to neighbors and vulnerable populations, building effective working relationships, and serving Deschutes County.

Click here to learn more about Morgan.

Patty Adair (Republican Incumbent)

Supported by QANON folks, oh yay!


Bend City Council

Indivisible Bend's recommended picks for City Council positions

Melanie Kebler (Mayor - Position #7)

Melanie will continue to advocate for affordable housing, collaborative solutions for the unhoused, transportation beyond cars, and reducing bureaucratic red-tape.

Barb Campbell (Position #4)

Barb has been a progressive voice on Bend's City Council for years and we continue to enthusiastically support her.

Ariel Méndez (Position #5)

Ariel will bring his climate focused, bike/walk-friendly transportation solutions to the City of Bend.

Mike Riley (Position #6)

Mike Riley has been a Bend community leader for decades, advocating for climate friendly solutions. We need his expertise now more than ever.


Redmond City Council

Indivisible Bend's recommended pick for Redmond City Council

Bill Trumble (City Councilor)

A retired veteran and fellow Indivisible founder, we are excited about Bill's candidacy.


Sisters City Council

Indivisible Bend's recommended pick for Sisters City Council

Susan Cobb (City Councilor)

Fellow Indivisible leader in Central Oregon. Need we say more? :-)

Sarah McDougall

A dedicated protector of community and environment. She and Susan will make a powerhouse team!


District Director of the Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)

Indivisible Bend's recommended pick

Brian Lepore (At Large #2)

Brian is a former professor and soil scientist and a farmer. What better combination to tackle the additional climate induced stressors to our ecosystems?!


House District 53

Emerson is a mom, attorney, and community leader and volunteer. Her priorities will include affordable housing, expanding childcare options, and making our schools resilient and safe. 

Click here to learn more about Emerson.

Michael Sipes (Republican / Bully)

Remember that headline-grabbing debate with MAGAs bullying and badgering the candidate? Those were Sipes' people. So much for freedom of ideas under his rule.


House District 54

Jason Kropf (D-incumbent)

Former Assistant District Attorney for Deschutes County and current state legislator, Jason is focused on supporting working families and addressing the needs of our unhoused community

Click here to learn more about Jason.

Judy Trego

Long-time Republican insider who believes that the Supreme Court's decision on abortion was "just." 

Enough said...


House District 55

Farmer, father of two and former professor and soil scientist, Brian Lepore is fighting for us so we have strong schools, to improve access to healthcare, and to protect our water and natural resources.

Click here to learn more about Brian.

Vikki Breese-Iverson (R)

Endorsed by Oregon Right to Life, opposes teaching of Critical Race Theory and supports discrimination based on a person's gender identity and sexual orientation. What more do we need to know?


US Congressional District 5


Click here to learn more about Jamie.


Lori Chavez-DeRemer

When asked if Chavez-DeRemer acknowledges that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election, the response: “The electoral college voted and Joe Biden is the president." 

Wait...what? The people voted! Sigh....Darn election denying insurrectionists!


US Congressional District 2

A retired veteran, physician and farmer that will support investments in infrastructure, veterans, and election integrity. "I am pro-choice, pro-birth control and pro-women's rights."

Learn more about Joe here.


Cliff Benz (incumbent)

As an active participant and willing puppet in the Big Lie, Benz voted against the seating of Pennsylvania’s electors. Vote the insurrectionists OUT!


US Senate

Ron Wyden (D-incumbent)

Endorsed by Indivisible Bend


Jo Rae Perkins (R)    

Q'anon, election denier, and what's more to be said?


Oregon Governor

Tina Kotek

Pro-Choice, Pro-Environment, Pro-Election Integrity, and oh, so much more.

Christine Drazan

Drazan tweeted "Life wins!" when the Supreme Court struck down Roe, opposes gun safety regulation, and supports laws that ultimately criminalize homelessness.



Betsy Johnson - Funded by big business and guns. Not our gal!


Measure 9-148: Make Deschutes County Commissioner seats non-partisan


  • 72% of Oregon's counties have non-partisan Commissioner seats.  Deschutes is an outlier.

  • The issues that our County Commissioners deal with - housing, roads, land, healthcare - should not be partisan issues.

  • It is more democratic.  Non-partisan elections mean that more voters' voices will be heard.  In partisan primaries, only about 2/3s (those registered as Democrats and Republicans) can vote on which candidates advance to the general election.

  • It will likely result in more moderate candidates.  Without partisan primaries, more moderate candidates that appeal to a broader swath of the population will be on the November ballots.

  • We already have nonpartisan local elections: our school boards, city councils, etc.  

  • It is supported by a large number of local elected officials and leaders including Phil Chang. 

  • Learn more at


Measure 9-152: Ban on Psilocybin in the Unincorporated County


  • Research from universities like Johns Hopkins shows that psilocybin is safe and effective in treating depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental health conditions.  Oregon has the second-highest rate of mental health disorders in the country.

  • In this heavily-regulated program, treatment will only be available by professional facilitators at licensed service centers. It can not be purchased in retail outlets and taken home.

  • Deschutes County voters ALREADY voted in favor of this in 2020.  Commissioners Adair and DeBone are second-guessing the will of the voters.

  • Measure 9-152 is OPPOSED by mental health providers, hospice workers, veterans, rural landowners and many others. No arguments were filed in support of this measure.


Measure 9-155 Bend-La Pine School District Bonds


  • These bonds would fund repairs and renovations at Bend LaPine schools, as well as modernize classrooms.

  • There will be no increase to the current tax rate due to the continued retirement of existing bonds.

  • Current and prior school board members support this measure.  No opposing arguments were filed.


Measures 9-153 and 9-154: Ban Psilocybin 

(Redmond residents only)


  • These measures would ban psilocybin manufacturing and service centers from operating within the city of Redmond.

  • As above, these measures would limit access to a valuable and much-needed mental health therapy for Deschutes County residents.  

  • No arguments were filed in support of this measure.


Measures 9-150 & 9-151: Redmond Area Park & Rec Bond Issue & Five Year Operating Levy

(Redmond residents only)


  • With rapid population growth, residents of Redmond need and deserve updated community facilities.  These measures would approve and provide funding for a high quality recreation center to serve the community.  This will include pools, a gym, indoor walking track, youth activity classes and other programs.

  • These measures are supported by Clifford Evelyn, Ed Fitch and other well-respected members of the Redmond City Council.


Measure 111: State Constitutional Amendment to add healthcare a right for all in Oregon


  • A “yes” vote on Measure 111 will make access to affordable, necessary healthcare a fundamental right for every person in Oregon. Each of us deserve to get the care we need, without having to sacrifice putting food on the table, or facing bankruptcy. Access to care is critical for everyone, no matter if we live in urban or rural areas.

  • Organizations that Indivisible Bend trusts which support this measure include: PCUN, Oregon Nurses Association, SEIU, Health Care For All Oregon, Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon, ACLU of Oregon, and many others.


Measure 112: Amends Constitution: Removes language allowing slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crime


  • Currently, Oregon is one of 20 states whose constitutions still read that slavery and involuntary servitude can be used as punishment for a crime. It is time to bring our constitution in line with our values and remove this outdated language.

  • A partial list of organizations that Indivisible Bend trusts which support this measure include: ACLU of Oregon APANO, Basic Rights Oregon, Black Joy Oregon, Latino Network, League of Women Voters of Oregon, American Federation of Teachers Oregon,SEIU Oregon, and many more.


Measure 114: Requires permit to acquire firearms; police maintain permit/firearm database; criminally prohibits certain ammunition magazines


  • “Yes” vote requires background check, safety training, fee for permit to acquire firearms; state police maintain new permit/ firearm database; criminally prohibits certain magazines; exceptions.

  • A partial list of organizations that Indivisible Bend trusts which support this measure include: District Attorney John Hummel, Deschutes County, United States Senator Jeff Merkley, American Federation of Teachers (AFT-Oregon), Family Forward Oregon, Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Ceasefire Oregon, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Oregon Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,  Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN) and many more.


Measure 113: Amends Constitution: Legislators with ten unexcused absences from floor sessions disqualified from holding next term of office


  • “Yes” vote disqualifies legislators with ten unexcused absences from legislative floor sessions from holding office as legislator for term following current term of office.

  • A partial list of organizations that Indivisible Bend trusts which support this measure include: Oregon Nurses Association, PCUN – La Unión de Campesinos Y Familias Trabajadoras, Rural Organizing Project, Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon, Oregon AFL-CIO, Coalition of Communities of Color, American Federation of Teachers - Oregon, ACLU of Oregon  and many more.