Central Oregon Candidates

Central Oregon progressives need responsive representation. The GOP incumbents don’t speak for us. We can change that! If you care about water rights, pandemic response, land use, education and other critical issues,

then commit to electing these strong, progressive candidates! 

Eileen Kiely

Hugh Palcic

Carina Miller

Jason Kropf

Emerson Levy

Phil Chang

Scott Schaier

Watch this page for updates about the candidates, their endorsements, and their positions on the issues.


State Senate District 27

Great financial expertise. Will help solve PERS. A committed environmental advocate. Pro-choice and in favor of common sense gun safety laws.

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Tim Knopp (R)

Opposed Oregon's Climate Bill. Voted against the Student Success Act and background checks. A Trump supporting anti-vaxxer.


State Senate District 28

Laser focused on issues crucial to rural Oregon: broadband for all, smart fire management, and delivering top notch education in small schools. A good guy!

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Dennis Linthicum (R)

Walked out with the GOP to block climate action. Endorsed by multiple gun-toting militia groups, the NRA, anti-abortion groups, and bunch of Republicans. Blergh!


State Senate District 30

If you have a chance to hear Carina speak, DO IT! She is inspiring in the way Obama was inspiring. Incredible potential to lead us to future that respects the planet and takes care of our communities. Well-versed in wonky stuff like water rights and rural broadband but will also make you feel like the world can be remade better. Imagine having an indigenous woman leading us in Central Oregon!

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Lynn Findley (R)

Walked out with the rest of the Republicans to avoid working on climate action legislation. Endorsed by far-right Timber Unity, the NRA, anti-abortion groups, and the rest. Maybe he has a Trump tattoo somewhere the sun doesn't shine?


State House District 54

Jason Kropf (D)

As deputy DA, Jason works to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Endorsed by teachers, nurses, fire fighters, and OLCV. Honest. Full of integrity. Trustworthy.

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Cheri Helt (R)

Pay attention to how she votes NOT what she says. Voted against the Student Success Act and an additional $14M for schools. Running a sleazy campaign spreading absolute LIES about Jason. No matter what she says Cheri is NOT A MODERATE. Votes 'R' 80% of the time and is endorsed by Trumpers.


State House District 53

Emerson Levy (D)

A mom with a plan! Emerson is an attorney working in the green energy space. Will fight for climate action, affordable housing, and inclusion. Endorsed by OLCV, Planned Parenthood, and more.

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Jack Zika (R)

100% Trumper who fled the state with the rest of the GOP to avoid doing actual legislative work. Endorsed by a whole lot of law enforcement folks.


Deschutes County Commission

Phil Chang (D)

Former staffer for Jeff Merkley. He'll work for rural sustainability, a science-based COVID response, equitable land use, smart waste diversion programs, and renewables. This guy is smart and experienced!

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Phil Henderson (R)

This guy underfunded the Public Health Department, ignored pandemic planning, and spoke at an anti-mask rally in Redmond. Greg Walden has given big bucks to his campaign.


Deschutes County Sheriff

Scott Schaier (I)

We need huge change in the sheriff's department. Scott is committed to being part of a push toward more equitable policing. Endorsed by anti-racism group Embrace Bend, National Association of Social Workers, Working Families Party, and importantly former Bend PD Chief Jim Porter. Give Scott your vote.

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Shane Nelson (R)

Time to go. So many issues we don't know where to start.

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