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Bend City Council 2020 Election

The seven members of the Bend City Council make decisions that will have long-lasting impacts on the livability, affordability, and character of our community. 

Indivisible Bend Endorses:

Melanie Kebler
Anthony Broadman
Megan Perkins
Rita Schenkelberg

Bend City Council: About Us

Candidates for Position #1

Melanie Kebler (D)

On the record denouncing white supremacy, Melanie is a dedicated public servant, working with crime victims and advocating for marginalized folks in this community. Endorsed by OLCV, Sierra Club, and lots of labor groups.

Click here to learn more about Melanie.

Justin Livingston (R)

Justin says, "I support President Trump. Period. I voted for him in 2016 and I will vote for him again in 2020." Voted against the transportation bond. Do you really need to know anything else?

Bend City Council: Get Involved

Candidates for Position #2

Anthony Broadman (D)

Indigenous Rights attorney who will fight for equity and inclusion in Bend. Anthony will be a problem solver on council, especially around safe transportation, affordable housing and climate action. Endorsed by many current local leaders, OLCV, Sierra Club, Central Oregon Labor and more. 

Click here to learn more about Anthony.

August Paul Johnson (NAV)

We're stoked to see young people like August running for office. We hope he'll stay involved.

Bend City Council: Get Involved

Candidates for Position #3

Megan Perkins (D)

Actively working to dismantle white supremacy in Central Oregon through leadership in Embrace Bend. Endorsed by OLCV, Central Oregon Labor, Sierra Club, and many local leaders. Smart. Dedicated. Inclusive. 

Click here to learn more about Megan.

Chris Piper (R)

Appointed in a sham process. Has never been accountable to voters. Blew off Indivisible Bend multiple times. We are not fans.

Ron "Rondo" Boozell (Green Party)

We don't know what to say about Rondo.

Bend City Council: Get Involved

Candidates for Position #4

Rita Schenkelberg (D)

Committed to mental health services, climate action, and the transportation bond. We've had enough all-white representation in Bend. As a queer person of color, Rita will bring an equity lens to city policy. We need Rita on council! 

Click here to learn more about Rita

Michael R. Hughes

Who is this guy? Mostly he grows pot and represents pot growers in court. His policies are same-old, same-old GOP. Snore.

Anon (Bubba) Walters (R)

Um... What?

Bend City Council: Get Involved
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